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Aliens Among Us




Hello and welcome to Elsewhere

My name is Dottie and I am your hostess.
You need to know up front that I am a true believer that not only are we being visited by beings from somewhere other than our little planet called Earth . And that they do not
have our best interest at heart.
As a matter of fact the truth is 
quite to the contrary.
They want our planet and will go to
any lenghts to get it.
The only reason they have
not been successful at  complete
take over is thanks to a group called the 
"Guardian Alliance"
You will learn more about this later on.

My purpose here is not to change 
anyones belief system.
But to entertain and to provide some food for thought that just 
might awaken you if you are 
An Indigo or An Earthly Angelic.

If you are not then this will all seem like stuff and nonsense you. 
However you may still 
find something here that amuses you.
So stick around for awhile.
Who knows what might transpire.


Please leave a note in the guest book and tell me if you believe.

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