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 How to use:

  <APPLET archive="multishow.jar" code="multishow.class" width=500 height=400>
      <param name="maximages" value="7">
      <param name="maxshown" value="4">
      <param name="img#" value="sbaby.jpg">
      <param name="text#" value="Baby I-Yuan">
      <param name="url#" value="">

      <param name="background" value="bg.jpg">
      <param name="bgalign" value="tile">
      <param name="bgcolor" value="000050">

      <param name="framecolor" value="FFFFFF">
      <param name="bordercolor" value="FFFFFF">
      <param name="textcolor" value="002090">

      <param name="target" value="_blank">
      <param name="texttype" value="0">
      <param name="diagonal" value="off">
      <param name="maxspeed" value="4">

      <param name="mainlink" value="">
      <param name="maintext" value="ImgShow 2 by">

 Required Image Parameters
maximages[number]Number of images to load. Make sure the parameter exist for each number
maxshown[number]The number of images allowed on the screen at one time. Number must be greater then 1 and less then or equal to maximages
img#[filename]Replace # with the number of the image. Name and directory of the image file relative to where the class files are located.
 Optional Image Parameters
text#[string]Replace # with the number of the image. Option text description for the image.
url#[url]Replace # with the number of the image. Web address where you wish the image to have a link to. Make sure the value is a valid web address with "http://" in front of it.
 Optional Parameters
maxspeed[number]Set the max speed the images show be moving at. 1 is slowest and 8 is fastest
diagonal[on/off]Set to on if you want the images to be able to scroll diagonally.
target[target]Target of new link.
  • _blank (default)
  • _top
  • _parent
  • _self
framecolor[color]Image frame color in hexidecimal RGB format. This the for the color of the border when you have your mouseover on a image.
default = "FFFFFF" (white)
 Optional Text Parameters
texttype[number]Method to display the text for the images:
  • 0: Show text in a text box on top of the image. (default)
  • 1: Show text on a bottom border. You should use this option when your descriptions are long.
  • 2: Same as option 1 except the bottom border is display ONLY if there is text.
bordercolor[color]Color of the bottom border that appears for text when you use texttype 1 or 2.
default = "FFFFFF" (white)
textcolor[color]Color of the text for the bottom border that appears when you use texttype 1 or 2.
default = "323296" (dark blue)
 Optional Background Parameters
bgcolor[color]Background color in hexidecimal RGB format.
default = "000000" (Black)
background[filename]Filename of the background image for the slide show. Use bgalign to select the format of the background image.
bgalign[align type]Format of the background image.
  • tile: Image is spread over the background by tiling. (default)
  • center: Image is display at the center of the background
  • scale: Image is scale to fit the canvas size.
 Additional Parameters [ Full Version Only ]
mainlink[url]Web address of the main link which appears on the top right corner when mouse iso ver the applet. Make sure the value is a valid web address with "http://" in front of it.
maintext[string]Text string to display for the top corner main link. This is appears for the viewer.

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